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City of Au Gres Financials 2012

City of Au Gres Arenac County, Michigan
Annual Financial Statements and

Auditors’ Report

June 30, 2012

This annual report consists of a series of financial statements. The statement of net assets and the statement of activities provide information about the activities of the City of Au Gres as a whole and present a longer-term view of the City’s finances. This longer- term view uses the accrual basis of accounting so that it can measure the cost of providing services during the current year and whether the taxpayers have funded the full cost of providing governmental services.

The fund financial statements present a short term view; they tell us how the taxpayer’s resources were spent during the year, as well as how much is available for future spending. Fund financial statements also report the City’s operations in more detail than the government-wide financial statements by providing information about the City’s most significant funds. The fiduciary fund statements provide financial information about activities for which the City acts solely as a trustee or agent for the benefit of those outside of the government. For the full Annual Financial Statement and Audit Report please click here and you will be directed to the State of Michigan Treasurer’s site.